Ultimate Blogging Guide (Easy to follow guide for beginners)


People usually blog for two reasons: Passion and Money. Either way, this blogging guide will give you a step by step blueprint for your new blog.

A Little Warning:

I built this Guide after tons of actual research. So, unlike, most of the advice you find elsewhere, it will be completely opposite.




It contains 10 Chapters

1: Before the Blog Launch

2: Web Hosting and Domain

3: WordPress Basics

4: WordPress Blog Setup and Basic Settings

5: How to write content that people love?

6: How to find content ideas?

7: How often should I post on my Blog?

8: SEO for your blog

9: How to get traffic to your blog?

10: Making money from your Blog



1. Before the Blog Launch

Before you launch your blog, there will be a question to need to answer.

Which topic should I blog about?

If you search on Google, you will find dozens of articles giving you ideas about many topics you can try. If you do a little bit more research, you will also be able to find the most profitable topics which have lots of readers and customers.

But does it really matter? When you choose to become a professional blogger, you have to write on that topic for years. Forget about the profit. Pick a topic that you are really passionate about. Why? Because only that will keep you from getting bored over time. And you will always have really great stuff to share.

Here are some topics to help you out:

How to choose Perfect Niche for your Blog

Steps to take while choosing Blogging Niche

How to decide your favorite topics to blog about?

Alright, I have chosen my topic.

But I don’t know coding. How to get my website designed?

Well, luckily these days, you can launch your website in few minutes. No coding or technical knowledge. WordPress has made this work so easy. You will learn more about WordPress in Chapter 3. It is as simple as Microsoft Word to use.

Why Should you use WordPress?



2. Web Hosting And Domain for your Blog

You need 2 things for launching your blog.

  1. Space for storing your blog posts and images ( Hosting)
  2. Making it accessible to whole world ( via Domain Name)

Choosing a Good Domain Name

Domain name is very important part of your website. It should be short and easy to remember.

How to choose the perfect domain name?

Finding a great hosting for your blog

Hosting will cost about $2.5 – $5 per month for a new blog. Almost every hosting company has the same pricing.

You have to consider lots of factors while buying a new hosting account. Most important being:

  • Customer Support
  • Website Uptime
  • Website Speed
  • Ease of Use

Most people would recommend you Bluehost hosting. However, I recommend against it. It may be a little cheap. But, turns out their servers are very slow.

Is BlueHost Slow?

I would highly recommend buying WordPress Optimized A2 hosting. I myself use it on many of my websites.

The reason is pretty simple, they are best in everything.

A2 hosting is costly but you can use this link for getting it at $3.92/month (51% off) on your first purchase.



It comes pre-installed with WordPress. No set-up require, unlike Bluehost.You may be new to CPanel(your hosting dashboard). You can always call their customer support and they will help you out to understand their CPanel.

NewBie’s guide to CPanel



3. WordPress Basics

This blogging guide is incomplete without WordPress.

I also understand that most of you must be new to WordPress. So I have found the best tutorials on WordPress for you.

Let us begin by introducing the WordPress dashboard:

Here are some of the important things you will come across the WordPress:

  • Posts: Content you write on your blog.
  • Pages: Like Home Page, About Me, etc.
  • Themes: The design you will use for your website. WordPress Comes with so many free designs (themes) for using on your website.
  • Plugins: They add extra functionality to your website. For example: Adding a share button.

When it comes to learning WordPress, WPBeginner is the best resource. You can sign up on these link and access their WordPress Tutorials for free.

It is set of 23 small videos which will cover almost everything you need.

Here are few other links you can follow to learn more about WordPress:

WordPress Basics

How to learn WordPress in few days


4. WordPress Blog Setup and Basic Settings

If you have watched the tutorial, you should be comfortable with WordPress by now.

Let us talk about themes first.

WordPress has lots of free themes.

Best Free WordPress themes

Most people advise you to install a premium theme. If you have a little budget, it is a good idea to go on with the free theme. You can always change to a premium theme at a later stage.

If you, however, are willing to spend on a premium theme, these are the trusted sites I would recommend.

  1. MyThemeShop 
  2. Thrive Themes

Now, it is time for installing these free plugins to your blog.

Askimet ( It blocks spam comments to your blog- Install Instructions)

Social Warfare ( It adds share button to your Blog)

Yoast SEO ( It helps you with On Page SEO – Recommended Settings)

W3Total Cache (Speeding up your Website – Default Settings)

Ewww Optimizer (For reducing size of images – Default Settings)

WP-Optimize (For Speeding Website – Default Settings)

Wordfence ( For securing your website from hackers)

WP Forms  ( Adding contact form to your website)

Other Important Tasks:

Create Basic Pages for your website:

  1. About Us – How to write an about us Page
  2. Contact Us – Create a contact Form



5. How to write content that people love?

When you google about this, you would almost same advice everywhere, write longer posts. Most people think longer post tends to rank high on Google.

I believe this advice is somewhat incomplete and wrong. The thing that matters is: which posts provide more value to users.

You can say that a very short blog post won’t offer much value to users. But that doesn’t mean the longer post will.

Don’t believe me?

I searched for term “blogging guide” on Google. The page that ranks 1 is 2000 words long post and there is a page that ranks 11th which is 3500 words long.

There are around 10 Million Blogs on SEO. The problem is that they offer almost same advice like everyone. If your content is even little more effective, you are doing far better than them.

  • Write posts that generate trust among your website audience instead of just writing longer ones.

Ask yourself two question.

  • What extra value do you provide to visitors that other’s don’t?
  • How do you help people solve their problem (no matter how small it is)?

Always research about your topic well before writing.

I myself research about the topic for about a week before writing about it. It helps you understand the problem better and devise a better solution.

Final Lesson

Don’t just write longer posts. Instead, write well-researched posts which give users unique insights and value. Don’t be like everyone else. It will get you nowhere. Be yourself.

Here are few articles to help you out:

The Ultimate Writing guide

5 steps to Writing an Amazing Blog Post

Follow Copyblogger (blog) if you wish to improve your writing skills.



6. How to get content ideas for your Blog?

The best blogs are the ones that actually solve people’s problems.

And the best way to figure out people’s problem is social media and forums.

There are 3 main places you should check out:

  1. Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities
  2. Quora
  3. Forums and other Question Answer Sites

Quora is my favorite website since it is a goldmine of information. Just type in your topic in search and you will find tons of problems.

Step by Step guide on how to find content ideas for your blog



7. How often should I write on my Blog?

Three simple words for this question: It doesn’t matter.

You may find dozens of articles telling you that publishing regularly will increase your traffic.

Don’t get surprised if you find case studies showing an increase in their traffic.

I am not saying that they are lying. But there were some other factors at play as well. They already have a well-established audience who read their blog every day.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s the proof.

Brian Dean started his blog five years ago. He has less than 40 posts. Yet when we check his traffic, you will see he got a 397k visitors last month.


Also read:

Why posting daily is a silly strategy



8. SEO for your Blog

Most of the traffic blogs get is from Google. Google’s algorithm understands our content and ranks our site accordingly. There are several factors which affect our rankings.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is making your site rank high in search engines.

I am well aware of the fact that most of you people will be unaware of SEO. So, I am not going to make it technical for you.

The part you will need to understand is keyword optimization.

Whenever you write an article, you must include keywords in your articles that people type while searching for content like yours in Google. For example: for this guide, I include keyword “blogging guide” throughout blog post. This is keyword optimization.

  1. Find Awesome keywords using UberSuggest
  2. Step By Step guide on Keyword Optimization

Obviously, there is much more to SEO than this. Yoast Plugin will help you with some. If you wish to learn more about SEO:

Beginner’s guide to SEO

200+ SEO ranking factors

How to get high-quality backlinks

SEO Case Study

17 Untapped Backlink Resources

Follow this blog for more on SEO: Backlinko



9. How to get Traffic to your blog?

A new blog doesn’t get much traffic from Google until few months. It may be 6-9 months depending on the type of blog. So, we need other means to acquire traffic. Many people would tell you to set up social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc and promote there regularly.

Let us go 2 steps further than this:

  1. If you really want to get appreciation for your blog, you need to get involved with people. Go to Facebook Groups, Quora, Forums and help them with their problems. The more you interact with them, the more trust you will build among them.
  2. Instead on focussing on all social profiles, work on only the ones that are actually bringing you some visitors.



10. How to make money from your blog?

I always get surprised how many people get this part wrong. Most people complain they can’t earn a good income from their blog. They are the ones that usually rely on advertisements for making money.

How much they make?

Around $1-$2 per 1000 visitors.

Shocking right??

Well, it is because they got it all wrong. They built a blog which has 1000’s of visitors coming monthly and they just advertise someone else’s businesses for a mere $.

They are the least effective methods to earn money from your blog:

  1. Google Adsense – How to make money from Google Adsense?
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Paid Advertisements
  4. Affiliate Marketing ( This works out sometimes but not for most)

What is Affiliate Marketing and step by step guide?

You might be wondering I just discarded all the methods most people say are the best.

How do I earn the money from my blog then?

Let us approach it in a different way. You have a blog with 1000 visitors. These 1000 people are also your potential customers. So, why not make them actual customers.

Here are the few ways to make money that actually work:

  1. Provide Coaching/Consulting Services relating to topic of your blog
  2. Launch an e-course
  3. Design a product

Read this article to gain more insights about it.

Better ways to make money from your blog

I hope you liked this blogging guide. Please do leave reviews and questions in the comments below.


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